"Put this book in the hand of every politician and religious leader on this planet and the world could change overnight!"

Many today fear the number “666”, the supposed mark of the devil. Novels, movies, and even religious leaders have emphasized the superstitions related to this number originally mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelation. There is even a given name to the phobia of “666” (hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia), however, readers of the book will learn there is absolutely no need to fear it. This extraordinary book, 666 The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast exposes the stunning truth about America and its connection with 666, which represents nothing more or less than MONEY.

Within the pages, the American Dream of prosperity and freedom from labor is unmasked as the “beast” designed to serve the elite and fulfill their selfish desires. While very, very few are lavishing in riches, the majority of people (both within and outside of America) are suffocating in stress, inequality, poverty, pollution, and violence. Though the last section of the book clarifies in detail the entire book of Revelation, the first nine sections give no religious connotations besides the title of each section and a brief summary at the end of each. One does not need to be Christian or even believe in God in order to understand and appreciate the simple reality explained within its pages. Upon completion, the reader of 666 Mark of America will understand every chapter and verse of Revelation, and they will also have a firm grasp of the truth about America, human nature, and the reality of the world in which we live.

Read this book and be freed not only from the darkness and legends and myths of Hollywood, but also from the ignorance of organized religion. Apprehension of 666 will cease to exist as the truth is presented with unrivaled clarity. Until now, no religious or secular scholar has ever been able to decipher what 666 and ALL the other riddles in Revelation represent. This book will go down in history as one of the most prolific and revealing explanations of reality ever given to humankind—the truth is revealed in astonishing clarity. The whole truth about the earth, man, and human existence is described in plainness. As every chapter and verse of the book of Revelation are explained, simple yet remarkable truths once hidden will be discovered, and one will never see things the same again. Page after page, chapter after chapter, one will be freed, and no longer will the esoteric and fantasized explanations of the Apocalypse hold any water.

Most importantly however, this book holds the answer to ending poverty and inequality in our world.  It validates what each of us knows intrinsically: that ALL of us are created equal, and that ALL of us should be loved, valued, and respected equally. Will the earth’s powers reassess the path of insatiable appetite that creates slavery, or will we move towards peace through compassion and global equity for all? Read the book, and discover the solution.

"When we begin to see each other as ourselves and treat the world’s children as our own—this world will be a far different, happier and more peaceful place to live. This was John’s intent and purpose in writing the book of Revelation."
---Christopher, the author

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