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"Unbelievable!  This is the most anti-Religious, anti-fantasy, and logical book I've ever read on this subject. Expecting another religious opinion, I was overwhelmingly surprised at what I read. Whoever this author is, his words prove his claim. A must read for those who seek to understand truth and reality."
  --by Amelia Sandler

"This book is an amazing presentation of our world and the evolution of our social and monetary systems. The story flows and builds our understanding precept upon precept, presenting reality and viewing the world's beliefs in a nonreligious, objective manner..."
  --Joanne Dschaak

FINALLY....THE TRUTH!...We've been confused for years. NOW one book, this one, finally unravels the truth for our understanding. INCREDIBLE BOOK!
  --Sheryl Salcedo

"...I'm still getting used to the truth and its simplicity. This book has wiped away all my misconceptions and I find myself toddling a bit as I accustom myself to the reality this book lays out..."
  --Pat Ferguson

"... This book and its message dispels...faulty perceptions and presents the REAL truth for the first time."
   --Kimberly Wallis, universal student

"...666 contains the keys and secrets to getting America, (indeed the world), back on the track from which she has strayed so far. This is a must read for every household, every politician; indeed, every world leader."
   --John & Lily Roh, IT Director

"Absolutely Amazing!...Don't let the title keep you from reading this book. Once you know what '666' REALLY means...all your fears will simply disappear...."
   --Sue Kammerman, Executive Secretary Worldwide United Foundation

"A marvelous work, 666 THE MARK OF AMERICA, This book will shake the bible belt of the south, give them hope and calm their hell fire and damnation doctrine."
   --Jim Giddings, Black Mesa Cinemas

666 The Mark of America is unquestionably uncanny. The message is too simple to be believed but makes too much sense not to. If there is an answer and solution to the ills of our day it can be found within the pages of 666.
   --Julie L. Taggart; Public Relations Director Worldwide United Foundation

"...Through this book...we come to know ourselves better...Read and enjoy what could be termed the most powerful and important book ever written for our time."

   --Dr. Nathan Davis

"...The reader can see for themselves how it can be that 'America: the promised land', has become "America: the seat of the Beast"...The simplicity of the message is beautiful and obvious to any who can read it with an open mind, setting aside their egos and their own interpretations.


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