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From page VIII - Book Foreword:

"...This book is for the brave, the honest, the seeker of truth and wisdom. It is a disclosure of truth that has been hidden from the minds of scholars, popes, priests, and kings for hundreds of years. It presents an explanation of the foundation of the human condition that is long overdue in a world that is crumbling under the pressure of its own ignorance.

...No one who reads this book will walk away as the same person. Its enlightenment will enhance the truth seekerís perception, and confuse the skepticís arguments. Windows will be fashioned in the walls of darkened boxes in which most people live their lives, from which a light will illuminate the reality that they indeed live in a box.

...Finally, the Apocalypse has come. The truth is revealed. And to the courageous who read it from the beginning to the end, this book will promise the realization of the profound statement: The truth will set you free.

Have courage and be set free!"



From page 51 - Author's Note:

"...The book of Revelation holds up a mirror in which the world can view its own reflection. Lost from our memories are our childlike reflections, and the remembrance of anything beyond the first light that warmed our eyes for the first time in a strange new world. Our birth signaled the beginning of a journey in which our travels would lead us each down a different path. While traveling on these paths, we become lost. We join others on their paths only to find that theirs is not our own. Once we realize that only our own path can take us where we want to go, we struggle to stay on it.

...No one doubts that the world at large is deteriorating as fast as it is progressing. As we discover new technology, strive for freedom, and connect via the Internet, television, and other advanced communication processes, we are uniting unlike any other time in recorded world history. But uniting for what purpose? Never has there been such rampant disregard for human life or the earthís environs. Life and survival create a delicate balance between the natural world, and the emotional world we have imagined, to find our happiness...."


From page 148 - Chapter 6 Unfolded:

6:3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 

6:4 And there went out upon the earth another horse that was red; and a crown of power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and there was given unto him a great sword, because it was allowed that they should kill one another.  

    During the first years of human existence, there was widespread peace and harmony until the people of the earth began to divide themselves into families, communities, cities, and nations of the world. With these divisions, each group/nation bolstered its manifest right to exist by going forth and overrunning other lands, bringing the weakest among them under the subjection of the strongest. 

    "Peace was taken from the earth" when humans began to kill each other during their quest to subjugate others under their man-made laws and ordinances. And so it happened, by the course of human nature (Satan/Lucifer), that war began to destroy them and take away their peace and happiness. During the opening of the "second seal" the horse and its rider are presented as "red", symbolizing the blood spilt from the people of the earth. 



Book Foreword | Author's Note | Rev. Unfolded Chapter 6

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