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Q:  Why is the book titled '666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast'?

A:  The number '666' refers to nothing more or less than MONEY!  The book proves this fact leaving absolutely no doubt what John meant by using the infamous number, "Six hundred threescore and six."  READ PROOF

America is the money (666) center of the world.  The "Seat of the Beast" refers to the "American Dream".  It is this "dream" that becomes the "beast" which controls the thoughts of the majority of US citizens. ("...he causeth all to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead." Rev. 13:16)  In other words, either spending money (" their right hand"), or thinking about money (" their forehead.")

There can be no denying:  "666 IS the Mark of America".

Q:  Why is the author donating all profits from book sales to the Worldwide United Foundation (WUF)?  How do we know he really will do it?

A:  The author, Christopher, has no desire for fame or fortune.  His only wish is to see the end of worldwide poverty and inequality.  He has legally signed over all profits to his book.  The WUF has a signed contract with the author on file, if proof is need then a copy of this contract could be emailed to you upon request.

Q:  Why doesn't Christopher give his last name?

A.  The author simply does not desire any accolades or recognition for this work.  He has presented incredible truth within it's pages, and desires the contents and message stand on their own.

Q:  I notice that there is a Limited Edition that you're offering for $150 dollars.  That seems pretty expensive for a book!  Why so much money?

A:  Yes, we have Limited Editions of the "666 book" for sale.  The $150 is the price for the LIMITED EDITIONS ONLY!  The LE's are signed and numbered by Christopher with a personal message.  Only 500 of them have been or will ever be printed.  Although everyone involved with the WUF are volunteers, there are indeed costs involved, and the sale of both the LIMITED EDITION and the REGULAR EDITION(s) will help us spread our message to end inequality and poverty.  As you can see, the "Regular Edition" is being sold at the usual market price for books of similar design caliber and size.


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